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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Dramatization Of Leelas Friend Pdf 11

Sally is a kid con-artist who explodes onto a quiet beach town with a get-rich-quick seashell-selling-scheme. For a small fee, she trains the kids on how to sell seashells before the annual summer festival, but plans to skip town with all their money before the big event! Sally becomes torn after meeting a local, Tam, who joins the program eager to help her family. The kids in this little beach town will never be the same as they learn the importance of friendship, honesty, and finding a healthy balance between working hard and having fun.

Dramatization Of Leelas Friend Pdf 11

In a small beach town, it is the first day of summer! Slater and his surfer friends have been waiting all year for this, while a group of bored beach kids struggle to find something fun to do to help pass the time (SAND, SURF AND SUNSHINE).

When everyone finally leaves her alone, Sally confesses to Tam that Slater was right and that she has to leave town with her dad by the time of Summer Festival. Sally tries to explain that she never realized that her actions had real world consequences until she befriended Tam. Tam is upset about the lies and the growing problems she now faces. Tam does not want anything to do with Sally and tells her to just leave town and storms off.

I know that my actions have consequences and I suffered those consequences during that time. I completely stepped away from a very lucrative streaming career, I stopped playing at all events and I lost a lot of close friendships and relationships that meant a lot to me.


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