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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Treecapitator Mod

TreecapitatorAuthorbspkrsLink -162-daftpvfs-mods-treecapitator-ingameinfo-crystalwing-startinginv-floatingruins/Latest Version1.6.4.r09Latest Version (MC Version)1.6.4Used Version1.6.4.r08Used Version (MC Version)1.6.4

Treecapitator Mod


Argh... im confused now, whole my world has fallen down... But how to set up timber mod or treecapitator to accept chainsaw as axe? Timber mod says that chainsaw ID is out of array of somehting - it wont start minecraft with changed cfg file (chainsaw id is added), and treecapitator wont work with ID 29977 and 30233 - it seems like this mod dont see chainsaw as item 041b061a72


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