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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Elamigos Repacks [UPD] / / The main reasons why igg-games is not recommended is due to their history of shady behavior, such as including their own form of DRM into their .dll files.BBRepacks - Fake BlackBox Repacks, contain malware.OceanOfGames - High malware risk.xGIROx - repacks contain bitcoin miners.Seyter - repacks contain bitcoin - Malware Risk.crackingpatching - Malware Risk.Steamunlocked - Slow downloads, malicious link redirects & uploads stolen releases from other unsafe sites.The Pirate Bay - Malware Risk.Kickass Torrents - Malware Risk.Any website using the name of a Scene group (such as CODEX, CPY, SKIDROW, HOODLUM, RELOADED, SiMPLEX, DARKSiDERS, PLAZA, etc.). Scene groups do not have public websites. If you find a site using the name of a scene group, they are impersonators. (2 notable exceptions are , and , which are fine to use, though they are still impostor sites).nosTEAM

Elamigos Repacks

This is the Minecraft repacks I got from Gload. I just found out Tlauncher is a spyware so I wanna delete it. It was repacked by Elamigos, and I trust his repack but the installer lets me install Minecraft with either Tlauncher and Team Extreme launcher. 041b061a72


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