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Fast And Furious Crossroads ((HOT))

Those sorts of releases are all well and good, but not necessarily what I come to gaming for. Sometimes, I just want to make a pretty car go really fast and jump it through a cataclysmic explosion. Lo and behold, Slightly Mad has answered my prayers, with what is one of the most accessible, immediately gratifying racing titles I've played in years.

Fast and Furious Crossroads


Set in New Orleans, Crossroads tells the story of Vienna and Cam - lifelong friends who fled their fast-paced street racing life in America for a more peaceful one in Spain. But after Vienna's boyfriend is murdered by the son of a criminal mastermind, the duo is forced to team up with Dom, Letty, and Roman to avenge him. Oh, and to save the world from a dangerous WMD. Naturally.

Caught up in a dangerous world of organized crime, three small-time garage owners find themselves at a crossroads. In a quest for vengeance, their destinies collide with a cast of familiar faces who share the same adversary.

What's most disappointing is that the developer clearly understands what makes the series so beloved by fans. There's a glimmer of a good game in Crossroads and a plot that, at the very least, is no more nonsensical than the most recent movie. Sadly that stuff is buried under a mountain of technical issues, rough edges and underwhelming visuals. Still, if you are unfortunate enough to buy Crossroads at least the name is appropriate: it'll be over fast and it'll leave you furious...

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