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How To Buy A Bounce House

Welcome to the wonderful world of inflatable games at Happy Jump, your only reliable source for exceptional, premium-quality inflatable jumping products. Inflatable games are becoming popular for any event ranging from birthday parties to fund raising events. When it comes to getting the best business partner in the bounce house inflatables industry, there is only one name you should remember - Happy Jump. Happy Jump has risen to supply inflatables for sale moonwalk, moon jump, moon bounces, moonwalks for sale, etc at very affordable and cheap prices, focusing primarily on the quality and safety of the product. We have made a remarkable place in the world of inflatable games and are a leading manufacturer of products that include bounce houses, jumping balloons, water slides, Jolly jump, games, interactive products, water games, and a number of combo units that fulfills the needs for indoor and outdoor entertainment ventures.

how to buy a bounce house

Within the industry, Happy Jump has come to be known as one of the leading US manufacturers of high quality inflatable jumpers for sale at affordable prices. We are into the growing inflatable moonwalk games market and constantly seek to improve quality and design by engineering and collaborating with state of the art materials and technologies. Our cheap tractor & bounce house inflatables are equipped with the latest inflatable safety technology by using warning signs, emergency exits, sturdy netting and robust structural supports.Safe and easy to set up, our collection of party amusements products will have kids and adults hopping around in no time, and will make your event an exciting time to remember. Our inflatable space jump & balloon jumpers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, themes, and colors. Made with safe technology , they're durable and portable so you can set up a jumper in no time without any hassle.So what makes Happy Jump different? We supply you with everything needed for instant success.Whether you are planning to go part-time or make moonwalks a full-time business, our professional and expert team is always available to assist and support you. Our aim is to make sure that our customers always come back to us for their bouncer and inflatable needs to buy jumpers for sale using the finest materials, the ideal workmanship and incomparable customer service from a reliable inflatable manufacturer. "Happy Jump! Happy Customers!"

Have you ever had thoughts of buying a bounce house inflatable instead of renting one? How much a bounce house costs may be the first thing that comes to mind, but there are also a number of other important factors that you may want to consider when making your decision.

When buying a bounce house inflatable, you could also think of renting it out to your friends, family, or neighbors for some profit or return on your investment. Renting out your bounce house just a few times would return the amount of money you initially invested. Our inflatables are 40% lighter than rental grade bounce houses without sacrificing quality, which makes them easy to transport with no more than 2 people needed. They are also effortless to deflate and roll up into a compact bundle that could easily fit in your preferred vehicle.

Owning your own bounce house and water slide inflatables mean that your children would be able to go for a jump session whenever they want. Most of the time, inflatable rental companies only allow up to 8 hours of play time, so if your kids wanted to jump for more hours or even days, you would have to rent the same inflatable over and over again. Owning one would allow you to pull it out for any parties you are holding and would surely become the main attraction at every event.

With a bounce house so easily accessible to your kids, they would be more likely to take breaks from the screen and spend more time outside getting exercise instead of jumping all over the house. It would also allow you to spend some quality time with your kids as our bounce houses are fit for both adults and children. Renting an inflatable would only allow for play during special occasions and events, which limits the usability of the product. Why limit the jumps if you can get endless enjoyment and entertainment?

With popularity on the rise, many people want to know how to start a bounce house business. As one of the leading providers of commercial bounce houses online, we wanted to create a complete guide that will get you started on some key ideas that you should think about before moving ahead.

Starting a bounce house business can be a great entrepreneurial endeavor as either a side business or a full-time venture. Bounce house rentals have soared in popularity in recent years and are almost everywhere you look - at birthday parties, local community events, and corporate outings.

Your revenue potential will essentially be a function of how many bounce houses you have in your inventory, and how often you can rent them out. To start off with some conservative numbers you can use the following:

Each commercial bounce house is $1,499, which means it would take you roughly 12 weeks to pay off each bounce house. Each local market can be different though - there are parts of the country where you can command as much as $150 to $250 per bounce house for each booking, which would change your numbers significantly.

Let's say you decided to start off with three bounce houses. We offer a nice discount on this bundle for $5,699. That could increase your weekly earnings to just over $380, and would take just over three months to pay off. After that, you would start to turn a nice profit each week.

The beauty about bounce house businesses is that they are easily scalable. If you start off slowly with just one to three houses, the investment will be minimal. If things start to grow, then you can expand as you see fit. There are major bounce house rental companies that have over 50 houses in their inventory, which you can imagine builds up the profit potential.

Some owner-operators might be tempted to buy residential bounce houses for their business because they are far less expensive. Typically our most popular residential models sell for $500 - $700, while the commercial bounce houses start at around $1500. Trying to save the extra $800 - $1000 can be a big mistake! There are key differences between residential and commercial models. Below are two main points to consider:

Starting a bounce house business could be an incredible opportunity if your local market is underserved. Conversely, it might be a tall order to wiggle your way into an already crowded market. There are a few ways to approach this.

A website has turned into the modern business card. When people are searching for bounce house businesses online you want to make sure that you show up. More importantly, you want to make a good first impression. There is nothing worse than seeing a poorly-designed website. It gives the impression that you are not serious about your business, and it is likely that potential customers will turn to your competition who has done a better job.

Online advertising technology has gotten extremely advanced, and local businesses can pinpoint their potential audience with greater accuracy than ever before. When you are first starting out in your bounce house business it will make sense to set aside a budget for advertising in the beginning. Your goal is to book new business, impress your clients, and have them spread the word online and in their local community.

You can read up about Google's Adwords local program here. The key reason why Google is so effective is because you are capturing a potential customer at the moment of intent. If you are able to serve up a relevant advertisement to a mother who is looking to find a local bounce house business for her daughter's 7th birthday party, you can make sure that you show up. The only downside is that pay-per-click advertising has gotten very competitive, and you could be competing against other bounce house businesses for those spots. The best thing to do is to set aside a test budget and track very closely how much you are paying for new leads.

There are plenty of ways to get creative with this approach. One way is to make sure you are connected with local companies that are associated with your bounce house business. For example, there could be party rental companies that don't offer bounce houses, and you could make sure they know you are available to supply them if the need arises.

Additionally, you could get involved with local organizations like The Rotary Club. Anything you can do to make yourself visible to members of your community will help keep your bounce house business in their minds if they eventually will need your services, or a friend of theirs asks.

We strive to deliver the lowest prices on all bounce house, swing set, and outdoor products. If you find another online store that has the same item for a lower price just let us know and we'll match or beat their price!

At BounceWater Inflatables Sales, we pride ourselves in parenting with our clients and taking a vested interest in their success. CLICK HERE for more reviews on inflatable bounce houses & water slides for sale.

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Choosing the right bounce houses for your businesses is sometimes a matter of personal preference, and sometimes it comes down to finances. If you have had your eye on a favorite inflatable for sale for some time, you might find it here on our sale. Not only does this give you the opportunity to expand your inventory or buy something that will boost your business, you can also purchase a wholesale bounce house at a further discount. We rotate our items in the bounce house sale, including products such as the bouncy castles, challenge courses and inflatable games. If you're looking for an inflatable for sale that will increase interest in your rental business, check out our bounce house sale and order today. All of our sale items are exclusive offers from Best Jumpers. They are available for a limited time and while supplies last. We also offer bouncy houses and inflatables in package deals for a limited "bundle and save" price. 041b061a72


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